About Bottle Helpers

I love reusable water bottles such as Hydro Flasks.  But for years, I would buy a new bottle or replacement cap because my water would smell or taste strange after awhile.  I clean the bottle with soap and water and even with white vinegar.  But that didn't always remove that strange smell or taste.

Until one day, I looked into the cap and closer at the gasket or seal ring.  I was horrified to find mold and mildew built up onto the gasket.  And they were not easy to remove.  Some mold were set in permanently. 

Mold on Hydro Flask Gasket

I won't like waste.  Using reusable sports bottle is one of the best ways to reduce the number of plastic disposable bottles in our environment.  But one of the most common problems reusable water bottles have is a leaky or moldy gasket.  It doesn't make sense to keep buying new bottles or lids.  Unfortunately, bottle companies do not sell replacement gaskets.  They simply suggest you buy a new cap.  It is such a waste.  There is really no need to replacement the entire cap. 

This is when I came up with the idea of offering the same OEM compatible gaskets for water bottles such as my Hydro Flask.  Our first offering is our Hydro Flask compatible gaskets.  We have 4 different styles - each designed to fit the exact Hydro Flask bottle cap you have.

Save your money and the environment.  Make your water taste great again by replacing your moldy or leaky gasket with Bottle Helpers Replacement Gaskets for Sports Bottles.  Our replacement kit comes with a removal tool, two headed brush, and 3 replacement gaskets.  With fast free shipping, don't wait.  Change that old gasket - fix the leak and get rid of the mold! 

- David
Founder of Bottle Helpers